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3 things that can happen because Sonakshi is good horse rider!


sonakhsi-horseRuhani  May 22 – In Bollywood it is Randeep Hooda who is well-known for his equestrian interests. We were rather surprised to learn that Sonakshi Sinha is also quite a good ghod-sawaar. Onlookers on the set of Tevar, recently good to see Sonakshi’s horse riding skills. We later got to know that Sonakshi has always been extremely sporty and loved outdoor games as a child.

On the set of Tevar in Wai, when the actor saw a few horses around, she climbed onto on one of them and went for a long horse ride all on her own, much to the surprise of the unit of Tevar.

A unit hand confirmed, ‘There were horses on the set for a mela scene and she absolutely loves horses. Since there was some time for the scene to start she went ahead and rode one of the horses and it was for good 15 minutes. In fact not many know that Sonakshi is a trained horse rider and she used to ride from the age of 10 to 14.’


sonakshi-sinhaThis gives rise to three possibilities:

If someone were to cast for a role of the warrior Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi, Sonakshi would easily clinch the role. May be Sushmita Sen woud revive her biopic on Rani Laxmibai and cast you know whom.

During the first look of launch of his film Veer, Sonakshi’s first co-star-Salman had said, ‘For this film (Veer), every day I used to get onto a horse at 6 am and get off from the horse at 6 pm.’ If Sonakshi indeed has a horse-riding scene in the film, then Salman and she may have a more than few notes to exchange about ghod-sawaari.

Sonakshi and Randeep Hooda would instantly hit it off with their common interests in horses. A film together then would then be the next obvious thing. We think they would make quite an unconventional screen pair.