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Dieticians are making more than actors: Kareena Kapoor!


KareenaMumbai, June 25 – Thanks to Kareena Kapoor ‘size zero’ became a phrase of common parlance at society soirees a while ago. The term caught everyone’s attention because Kareena had work very hard on her figure for her film Tashan, where she was paired opposite Saif Ali Khan, who is now her husband. She was in fact ‘a size zero’ in that film. If you still have doubts you could google for her pic in the lime green bikini she wore in Tashan.

A lot of credit for the way Kareena looks today is because of the faith that the star had posed in dietician Rujuta Diwekar’s fitness plan for her. Kareena had diligently followed it then and even today she swears by her diet plan that both the sisters Karisma and Kareena stick by.

Ever since Rujuta Diwekar’s name got associated with Kareena Kapoor the nutritionist shot to fame as well. She is now as sought after name by all those women who want to be fit and fabulous. Kareena agrees, “Dieticians are today making more than actors! Sometimes I feel I should also become one!”


kareena-kapoor,Jokingly chiding her hairstylist Pompy on the set of Singham Returns which Kareena is currently shooting, she tells him, “Pompy you should seriously consider become a dietician.”

Elaborating her point further she says, “When I first met Rujuta for Tashan she lived in a one bedroom-hall-kitchen apartment. Now she has a four bedroom office cum home. All this happened just in a span of four years after Tashan.”

Kareena adds, “She has come up with four books and all four have been bestsellers.” Remind the actor that’s because she has launched all the four books. “I keep telling her I can’t but then I have to do it,” smiles the ever fit actor.