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PM has high hopes on Sarawak BN candidates – Salang


JULAU, Feb 23  – Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has high hopes in the ability of all Sarawak Barisan Nasional (BN) candidates to win or defend their respective seats in the coming 13th general election.  Julau member of parliament Datuk Joseph Salang(Pic) said Najib had conveyed this message during a closed-door meeting with all the state BN component parties’ incumbents, leaders and supreme council members in Kuching yesterday.

images (2)“He wants all of us to work very hard to ensure this. He says if we can accomplish this, we will further strengthen the position of BN and the people centric BN government as he expects the coalition to do very well in the Peninsular states this time around as well,” said Salang.

He was speaking to reporters after an Iban traditional cultural programme jointly organised by 35 longhouse leaders at Rh.Micheal Lutau, Karangan Manok, here last night.  Salang who is also Information Communication and Culture Deputy Minister said Sarawakians could help to realise this by just fully supporting BN candidates in the upcoming 13th General Election.

He said it would be very sad if the state lost more seats to the opposition while BN were able to win or regain more seats in the Peninsular.  Salang added that during the meeting, Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud had also stressed that the state BN only recognised its own candidates as the official candidates.

He said this was in view of claims by certain quarters of fully supporting BN in the poll but putting up their own candidates just for the sake of changing the BN candidates.

“Taib stressed that if they really supported BN, then they should translate this into action and refrain from contesting, because when you contest against BN it is plain and simple that you’re fighting against the party ,” said Salang.

Commenting on the 1Malaysia People’s Aid programme (BR1M), he said it was the government’s initiative to help the low income earners.

“The BR1M 1 and 2 (costing RM4billion) will not cause the government to become bankrupt and neither are they election largesse as alleged by the opposition.

“It is meant to benefit the target groups directly, besides complementing the various RM30 billion subsidies provided by the government, which is enjoyed by all Malaysians, rich or poor,” he said.