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A quick guide to the many types of Selfies every girl takes!


BI-Selfie-girlNew Delhi, September 20 – Food, shelter and clothes were basic necessities of every human! But not in 2014, taking selfie is as good as a basic necessity, only difference being that it’s the need of every single second for those few who literally survive on selfies. Like or dislike it, selfie is an undying trend which has taken over the world!

It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, in a washroom, in the car or in the god forsaken changing room of a luxury brand store, Selfie is that thing which is like a parasite, it’s everywhere!

SelfieAnd so Being Indian group are back again and this time with a rather outrageously funny take on the many different not-so-important moments to take a selfie! Technically one needs no reason or a particularly significant ‘moment’ to take a selfie! But why not just create a one even if there isn’t.


The video is a satirical take on the various unbelievable yet absolutely truthful situations in which Every Girl takes a Selfie. This amusing video that has just hit the Internet has been created by Culture Machine Digital Video Entertainment Company together with Sony India for the internet generation.

Be it fake pretending to wake up from your sleep kind of selfie or showing off a new phone selfie. Sony understands and appreciates the digital consumer’s behavior.

selfie.,They identified one of the most important conversation points of today’s youth and worked around it in a comical manner while keeping the branding extremely subtle. We won’t just reveal all this hysterical moments and spoil the fun for you! To see the endless list of these various types of selfies, check out the video.