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Missing plane does not shake passengers’ confidence in Air Asia!


AirAsia-missing-planeSINGAPORE, December 29 – The confidence of passengers in AirAsia remains solid despite news about the missing AirAsia Indonesia Flight QZ8501 being widely circulated in mainstream papers, online media and social media since Sunday.

This can be seen at the airline’s check-in counters located at Terminal 1 of Changi Airport with many passengers going ahead with their travels to various destinations.

When met here, some of the passengers expressed their concerns over the news and the passengers onboard but they proceed with their plans as they still have confidence in the airline.


Melanie Helbling, from Switzerland, said this is the first time she is taking AirAsia after being proposed by her travel agents. “My travel agents and their families have taken AirAsia so many times during their trips.

I feel confident to take this airline for my family trip,” she told Bernama when met outside the check-in counter at Terminal 1, here today. Helbling, who is travelling to Phuket with her five family members had  read about news of the missing plane during her stay in Singapore.

“Although some of my family members are worried, I assure them that there is a slim chance that the similar accident can happen again,” she said. Meanwhile, Fajria Hasta, 19, still prefers to travel with AirAsia as she feels comfortable with their services after using the airline several times.

“I am still confident with their services. Although, my auntie express her worries, I said accident does not happen everyday and everytime, so we still proceed with the same airline for today’s trip,” said the university student from Brawijaya University, Malang.

She will be travelling with other family members to Surabaya via AirAsia at 2.10 pm today after spending three days holiday in Singapore. Meanwhile, a flight from Surabaya using the same code QZ8501 arrived in Changi Airport at 8.40 am this morning.

Changi Airport Group spokesman said their utmost priority is the well being and providing comfort to family members and friends while they are waiting for latest news about the missing flight.

“We also provide councillors for them as well as other assistance that they might be needing. Access to internet, television are also provided. At this moment, they opt to wait for the latest news from Surabaya,” he said.

Flight QZ8501, which was scheduled to arrive at 8.30 am yesterday, lost contact with Jakarta air traffic control at 7.24 am.The plane was carrying 162 people including seven crew members.