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I didn’t delegate deputy president to call for meetings – Palanivel


MIC-President-PalanivelKuala Lumpur, January 23 – “I had issued statement earlier urging those making untrue and derogatory remarks and allegations against me in the media relating to the issues with the Registrar of Societies (“ROS”) to stop making such untrue allegations.

However, that has not happened. Even office-bearers of MIC, including the Deputy President, one of the Vice Presidents and others, not only those who complained to the ROS in the first place, are spreading numerous allegations and misinformation to the media in respect of the issues of the elections raised by the ROS. I, once again would like to put a stop to these rumour mongering by all those concerned.”

“ROS had issued recommendations by letter dated 5 December 2014 to MIC in relation to the allegations made by certain quarters after the elections for the Vice Presidents and Central Working Committee members.

These are mere recommendations as are clear from the contents of the ROS letter of 5 December 2014. However, certain quarters, for their own personal agenda have given a different false picture of the contents of that letter to the media.”

“I, as the President of MIC, took immediate steps to protect the interest and rights of MIC, contrary to the allegations leveled against me that I have done nothing. We had immediately appointed lawyers to look into these issues and we have, on the advice of lawyers, issued a letter dated 24 December 2014 seeking clarifications and raised certain issues with the ROS”.

“ROS has replied by the letter dated 31 December 2014 and for the first time issuing a purported notice under Section 16(1) of the Societies Act, 1966 that a dispute has arisen on the identity of the office-bearers of MIC vis-à-vis the elections for the Vice Presidents and the Central Working Committee held in 2013.”

“At the same time, we had written to ROS on 2 January 2015 requesting for extension of time, without prejudice to MIC’s rights. ROS then replied to MIC by letter dated 6 January 2015 granting extension of time.Our lawyers have perused the letter dated 31 December 2014 in detail including all the matters raised by the ROS and have advised me that the purported notice issued by ROS is flawed and wrong in law. I am not able to give more details as it may prejudice MIC’s rights.”

“Upon the legal advice from the lawyers, MIC have on 14 January 2015 lodged an appeal to the Minister of Home Affairs pursuant to the provisions of the Societies Act, 1966 against the contents of the letters dated 5 December 2014 and 31 December 2014 from ROS to MIC.”

“MIC has appealed against the contents of those letters and pending the determination of the appeal by the Minister of Home Affairs, we have informed the Minister of Home Affairs that MIC shall refrain from taking any actions to convene any meetings at the various levels for the purposes of the re-elections and the timeline issued by ROS be accordingly stayed. We are currently waiting for the reply from the Minister on MIC’s appeal. Depending on the outcome of the appeal, MIC will take the next step or course of action.”

“I would like to make it clear that there are certain procedures and proper channels provided for in the Societies Act, 1966 in dealing with complaints and decisions made by the Registrar of Societies. We, together with the lawyers, are following proper procedures and have taken all measures necessary to protect the interest of MIC in this matter”.

“It is not that I have done nothing in respect of the ROS matter as alleged by all those making untrue allegations against me, I have done everything to protect the rights and interests of MIC, which I will continue to do. The only thing that I have not done is to discuss Party’s internal matters in the media as being done by the others including the Deputy President and one of the Vice Presidents.”

“Of course, certain quarters, for their individual political mileage, have created fear among MIC members that MIC will be deregistered within 90 days from 31 December 2014 if no re-election is conducted. I would like to once again assure all that we will not in any way allow such de-registration to take place.”

“These are statements made without knowing the full facts and the applicable law to sensationalize the issue for one’s own political agenda. That is the reason we had appointed lawyers to look into the matter with ROS as neither I nor the Deputy President is qualified to handle legal matters.”

“But everyone are making allegations and comments in the media as well as in meetings with division leaders as though they are legal experts, more so without knowing the full facts. This must stop immediately”.

“I once again and for the last time urge all parties concerned to stop making untrue allegations and stop confusing the Party members to gain personal mileage. I repeat, we are dealing with this matter vigorously.”

“I am also aware of meetings being organised and chaired by the Deputy President and others in relation to the ROS issue. I have not delegated my powers under the Constitution to the Deputy President or any other persons”.

“I have not called for or sanctioned any meeting to be called for and chaired by the Deputy President or any others in respect of the ROS issue. As such, I also direct that any such meeting called or planned for to be immediately cancelled to stop the spreading of further untrue allegations.”

– Press Statement by Datuk seri G. Palanivel, President MIC (23-January 2015)