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Vel Paari slams Ismail Sabri for racial comment!


Kuala Lumpur, February 4 – Former Strategic Director of MIC Datuk Seri S.Vel Paari has slammed Agriculture Minister Datuk Isamil Sabri Yaakob’s for making racial remarks against Chinese businessmen.

In a press statement issued Vel Paari (pic) said : “It was truly saddening and shocking to read Minister Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s call for Malay consumers to boycott Chinese businesses in a bid to lower prices of goods. Why is it that everything needs to be seen through racial lenses? Why couldn’t he just label them as errant traders? The minister should know that unscrupulous businessmen come in all shades. Therefore, it is highly irresponsible to convert an issue of profiteering into an “us vs them” agenda”

Vell Paari


“As a cabinet Minister, Ismail represents all Malaysians. Being a cabinet Minister, he can discuss the issue with his cabinet colleague, the Minister of Domestic Trade and come up with various stern actions against these errant traders” Vel Paari further pointed out.

“Are these errant traders only selling to Malay consumers? They are selling to everyone. Hence it’s an issue affecting all Malaysians. Errant traders exist everywhere, so use the law to take action and not turn it into a racial war. This is not in the sprit of PM’s 1Malaysia vision” said Vel Paari.

“The Chinese community is a hard working community that has contributed to the growth of Malaysia. So instead of trying to portray the Chinese community as evil, what we should do is learn from them vis- a- vis their sense of unity, hard work, willpower and the “never give up” attitude to succeed in whichever part of the world they might migrate too” Vel Paari stated in his press statement.