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Malaysia condemns torching to death of Jordanian pilot


PUTRAJAYA, February 5 – Malaysia has condemned the so-called IS militant group (IS) for its brutality in torching to death a captive Jordanian Air Force pilot.

Yesterday, the IS released a video purportedly showing the burning alive of Muath Kasaesbeh who was captured on Dec 24 after his plane crashed in Hamra Ghannam, Syria.

It has been described as the IS’ most brutal execution yet of a foreign hostage.


A handout image distribute by Jordanian News Agency shows Jordanian pilot Lieutenant Mu'ath al-Kaseasbeh the Jordanian pilot captured by Islamic State group's fighters after they shot down a warplane from the US-led coalition with an anti-aircraft missile near Raqqa city, a Royal Jordanian Air Force warplane crashed over the Raqqa province in Syria and the pilot was taken hostage by the Daash terrorist group, an official source in the Jordan Armed Forces announced on 24 December 2014.

In a statement Thursday, Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman described Malaysia’s shock at the crime of despicable barbarity which manifested IS’ cycle of violence and contempt against humanity.

“Malaysia is united with the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, as well as the Jordanian people in this moment of shock and sorrow, while condemning strongly the senseless barbarity and terror tactics,” he said.

Malaysia, he said, expressed deep sympathy and condolences to Kasaesbeh’s family and the Jordanian Government.

“May the family of Kasaesbeh have the strength to face this difficult time,” added Anifah.

AFP reported that the 22-minute video released online showed images of a man purported to be Kasaesbeh, engulfed in flames inside a metal cage.