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“BN, PM, DPM, RoS are not 3rd parties” – MIC Division conveners remind Palanivel!


lanpeeKuala Lumpur, February 18 – The conveners of a group of 102 Divisional Chairmen of MIC have reminded MIC President that Barisan Nasional, the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and the RoS are not third parties.

In response to Palanivel’s press release dated 16.2.2015 the conveners, Dato G.Rajoo and P.Wilson issued a press statement yesterday.

The following is the full text of the press statement released by them:-

“The President had issued a statement on the 15th February 2015 that he was meeting the PM. If the situation as mentioned in his press release did not permit him to attend the meeting with the PM why did he not request for the postponement of the said meeting.

Did he inform his deputy Datuk Seri Dr Subramaniam of his inability to attend due to unavoidable circumstances and request him to ask the PM for a postponement of the meeting?

Knowing the nature and seriousness of the problem in hand the party President should have requested for alternative time for this meeting to be held, why he did not do so?

The President in his press release accuses the BN of interfering into the affairs of the party. We should remember MIC is one of the major arms of the BN. It has been the practice in the history of BN to ensure the stability of all of its component parties.

BN success in the elections always rests on the strength of its component parties. It’s only natural and fair that the BN leadership takes interests in resolving the party crisis and ensure that MIC is not deregistered. The President unfairly accuses of third party interference in the party matter.

In the eyes of the President it looks like the ROS is a third party, the prime minister and the deputy prime minister are third parties, the BN is a third party, the Deputy President is a third party, the members of the interim CWC are third parties.

The President further ironically talks about injustice to MIC, but in actual fact, upon objective assessment it is the President who has done injustice to party members who approached after the election for justice for alleged foul play in the elections. The President directed them to report to ROS for justice.

When the ROS finding was announced on 5th December 2014, the President rubbished those findings and again denied justice to the party members. When he announced after the meeting of 18th December 2014 that a 10 member reconciliatory committee, he again defaulted on his own words and denied justice to party members.

When the PM and DPM met both President and Deputy President and agreed on a moratorium, the President announces Sothi as a candidate for the Deputy Presidents post. The President in his statement puts the blame of the election irregularity of the 2013 election on the CWC of 2009.

the President should remember that in the all the previous party elections the President of the party stayed clear of the election committee, but for the first time reasons unknown to us Palanivel as the President elected himself as the chairman of the election committee during the 2013 elections with the assistance and participation unknown outsiders like one mala.

The President claims that he was elected unopposed but the truth of the matter is it was the PM who brokered a deal to avert any challenge to his presidency and at that time the PM’s interference was convenient and welcome because it served his interests.

It is very unfortunate that the President is under the false believe that he is the paramount leader with absolute power and can do whatever he wants. On the contrary we the 102 Divisional Chairmen and more than 2/3rd of the Branch Chairmen challenge this position that the President has taken.

The large majority of the party members are completely disillusioned by the conduct and the irresponsible behaviour of the President who seems to be only interested in preserving his position at the expense of the party. Now we warn the President that we will not allow the party to be deregistered and that we will take all measure to save the party.”