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Waythamoorthy’s political outfit MAP embarks on membership drive


Putra Jaya – The Malaysian Advancement Party (MAP), the new flagship party for the Indian community, has embarked in its recruitment process for membership whilst awaiting for its registration. The application for registration of MAP was filed by its protem committee in August, 2018 and is currently awaiting the final approval from the Registrar of Societies (ROS).

In a press statement issued today Protem chairman of MAP P.Waythamoorthy said : “Interest for MAP has come mostly from the younger generation from most of the states in the peninsula and also Malaysians who had opted out of other political entities. Values propagated by MAP which includes inclusiveness, equality, quality, originality, integrity and transparency with an effort to restore the intention of our forefathers in this multicultural nation, are the sources of attraction”

“With the Pakatan Harapan government, MAP has charted itself in protecting, promoting and advancing the community in tandem with the objectives of the current administration in raising the socio-economic standing of the community as well as promoting unity and cohesion in the nation. MAP’s membership drive is not motivated by the numbers game but rather work with goal orientated members in enhancing the inclusiveness of the minorities in the nation’s development” Waythamoorthy further noted in his press statement.