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“Selangor BN should appoint state Opposition leader” – Hannah Yeoh


hannah-yeoh-Kuala Lumpur – Speaker of Selangor State Legislative Assembly and State Assembly-woman for Subrang Jaya, Hannah Yeoh (pic) has urged Selangor Barisan Nasional to appoint State Opposition leader first before talking about capturing the state in next general election.

Following is her recent media statement:

“I refer to the Malay Mail report in which the Deputy Prime Minister has promised Selangor BN two cabinet posts if they were to regain Selangor and the Bernama report of Zahid Hamidi telling Selangor BN to move effectively as opposition.


We are all too familiar with BN’s empty promises. However it still unsettles the stomach when Cabinet positions are dangled so unashamedly as motivation for party members to work.

I would like to remind the Deputy Prime Minister (in case he has missed the multiple news reports) that the Selangor State Legislative Assembly has already put in place a mechanism to empower Selangor BN to function effectively as the opposition. Our Standing Orders have been amended effective late last year to make it compulsory for the Public Accounts Committee to be chaired by the Opposition Leader.

Since that historic amendment, the Opposition Leader then Datuk Mohd Shamsudin Lias has decided to tender his resignation and that position has been vacant since December 2014. If Selangor BN is serious about serving the people of Selangor, a good start would be to appoint an Opposition Leader and start chairing the Public Accounts Committee which is available for them anytime. Until and unless that is done, they should stop fooling the people with ‘sandiwara’ road shows outside the House.

Malaysia is in dire need of leadership at the national level and there should be a stop to Cabinet positions being offered so freely to party members who are not qualified to administer good governance in Putrajaya. If they cannot even serve as Opposition Leader in Selangor, they are nowhere ready to serve in the already inflated Cabinet of Putrajaya.”