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KKB by-election : What is the stand of Urimai Party? – Ramasamy explains



Urimai’s position on Kuala Kubu Bharu By-Election

The United Rights of Malaysian Party or Urimai would like to state its political stand on the coming by-election in Kuala Kubu Bharu scheduled on May 11, 2024.

Contrary to what has been said, Urimai would like to ask the voters in the constituency to come out in full force to vote in the election.

Urimai doesn’t believe in asking the voters to refrain from exercising their democratic rights. However, it will ask the voters especially Indians not to vote for PH/DAP candidate.


Since Urimai doesn’t have any informal or formal ties with the opposition, principally, the PN, we leave it to the voters to make their critical choice.

If the voters prefer the PN candidate, it is up to them to vote for the candidate. Urimai’s primary task is to teach a painful lesson to the PH-led Madani government.

The multi-racialism of PH-led government in general and DAP and PKR is a fake.
The Indian community has been taken for long drive without any beneficial outcome.

The Indian leaders in these two “fake” political parties are basically stooges and sycophants of their bosses in DAP and PKR.

They have no shame or sense of guilt as how Indian community has been treated in the country. The majority of Chinese might feel that there is no alternative to PH/DAP given the “cultural”and “religious”enace of PAS. But in reality, it is this delusional thinking that blinds the Chinese community to the emerging political realities of the country.

The Malays have already made up their minds as to which political coalition that they will align with. It is definitely not the PH-BN coalition.

Indians who constitute about 18 percent of the KKB electorate might be the Kingmakers in the by-election.

There is great deal of dissatisfaction and mounting frustration amongst the Indians.
If more than half of the Indian voters vote against the PH-DAP candidate, the tide will be turned against the meaningless Madani government.

Despite the promises made by Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim to uplift the socio-economic status of the Indians, in reality, nothing is done. He boasts of the financial allocation of RM100 million to the Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit (Mitra), RM50 million in loans to Indian women entrepreneurs and another RM30 million for other projects.

Indian leaders or stooges are suppose to “sell” these good deeds to win back Indian electoral support. However, Indians are no fools for Anwar to hoodwink them with dances and songs of the Tamil film actor, the late MG Ramachandran.

Indians in the country are fully aware that while billions are allocated for the Bumiputra community, Indians end up, if at all they get the assistance, with miserable pittance.
As though the pittance is not enough, Indians have been insulted various times in by none other than Anwar’s himself over the last one year or so.

Anwar sought to re-entrench the unfair admission to the matriculation system by rudely rebuffing the question posed by an Indian female student.

Anwar was insensible to the Hindus in the country by personally presiding over the conversion of a Hindu youth to Klang sometime back.

He insulted the Indians by mentioning the derogatory word “Keling” by reference to ancient Malay literature. He might have apologised, but the damage was done.

In the recent cabinet reshuffle, he broke the past practices of not appointing an Indian Tamil as minister in the cabinet.

I hope the Indian voters in general and those in KKB in particular will remember how they were insulted by none other than Anwar himself.

What is the point of Anwar launching the birthday anniversary for an Indian icon Ambedkar Jayanti who was against the nefarious practices of caste and racism. I seriously doubt that Anwar is a liberated leader from the seductive entrapment of race and religion.

Anwar can launch hundred birthday anniversaries for Ambedkar but nothing is going to change the present sad and tragic predicament of Indians in the country.

Come the KKB by-election, the Indians will hold the trump card to deny the pretentious and hypocritical Madani government their votes.

Before the advent of the next general elections in three or four years time, the KKB by-election should constitute the litmus test of how Indians will vote in the future.

No government or political coalition should take Indians for granted on the basis of their numerical weakness or their weak economy base. As they say, every dog has its day.

Indians should wake up and teach the “Mad “ani” government a painful lesson.