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“I will wait for CWC decision” – Sunther Subramaniam


SUNTHERKuala lumpur – “I have been made to understand that my nominations have been rejected by virtue of Article 59.1 on grounds of ineligiblilty. I understand this was announced and I shall appeal accordingly to the CWC. For the past one week, upon my announcement for Vice Presidential candidacy, I have been requesting for the eligibility letter from the incumbent interim Secretary General, however there was no reply.”

“I wrote in officially, a letter dated 24/10/2015, requesting for the eligibility letter with me factually stating the grounds of me fulfilling ALL criterias.  However there was no reply to that letter. Instead, this morning I was given an eligibility letter by the Interim Secretary General. Due to this, I submitted my nominations as per the eligibility letter and it was duly acknowledged. However I was taken aback by the announcement of the rejection of my candidacy.”

“I am also puzzled as to why was the announcement of rejection was made today  before it was deliberated in CWC. I shall appeal on this decision to the CWC and accept their eventual decision wholeheartedly. I strongly urge for an Emergency CWC meeting convened on an urgent basis to resolve this ambiguity on the interpretation of Article 59.1 of the MIC constitution. My supporters are also very anxious awaiting the decision on the issue. I will continue to go around the country to meet them and serve the community regardless of the outcome. Thank you.”