Home Entertainment “Three roles for Vidya Balan can’t change the world”

“Three roles for Vidya Balan can’t change the world”


March 13,2013

Q. You’re drawn to negative roles, fromAjnabee on. Do you have a dark side?

A. It’s because I have no dark in me that I go looking for it. It’s the non-regular roles that work for me.


Q. You’re down to barely one or two films a year now. Why is that?

A. I did 10 films a year till I fell so sick I had to stop, then began my romance with fitness. I pushed a lot of opportunities away.

bipasha_350_030913101342Q. What phase are you in now?

A. I want to be part of a film from its germ to its script, screenplay, characters, execution, casting, post-production.Aatma came a little more structured than Raaz 3.

Q. Can we say the industry has better roles for women?

A. I don’t buy it. Three roles for Vidya Balan can’t change the world. She’s also gone through a lot of flak to reach here. Don’t forget that.

Q. In Aatma, what interests you the most?

A. The fact that I get to play a mother. A lot of actresses don’t want to be mothers. If you play mother, you’ll look old-it’s a bizarre idea.

Q. Do we hear a maternal instinct kicking in?

A. When Doyel (who plays her daughter in the film) was sick, hungry, cranky, I would deal with it. I became protective of her.

Q. Is this carrying over to real life?

A. Definitely, I will be a fantastic mom. That makes me very proud. It’s a step up for me in acting because it’s made me realise something more as a human being.