Home English News “Constitution is enough. No need for Hadi’s bill”- Dr Subra

“Constitution is enough. No need for Hadi’s bill”- Dr Subra


Dr Subra - MIC PRESIDENTKuala Lumpur – The following is the full text of press statement released today by MIC President and Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S.Subramaniam.

“Malaysian Indian Congress has very clearly stated its opposition towards the implementation of Hudud laws in Malaysia.We have stated this distinctly when the Marang MP first tabled his Private Members Bill inParliament.Our stand is still the same despite the ammendments tabled today.”

“Our forefathers who founded this nation based it on a Constitution created after deep thoughts were given to the historical and social fabric of this nation.Syariah laws were clearly defined as State laws dedicated to very specific areas affecting Muslim religious and family affairs.”

“The PAS led Kelantan government has already passed a Kelantan Islamic Enactment which embodies all elements of the Hudud forms of sentencing and associated punishment encroaching on many areas which have already been provided for in the Criminal Procedure Code.”

“While many have deemed it to be unconstitutional, till date no one has been successful in challenging its legality.Against this background the continued attempt by the Marang MP to widen the powers of the Syariah courts is worrying and unacceptable.”

“Our current legal system has served this nation well and has provided a legal and regulatory framework which has enabled us to develop this nation to its current status.We are deeply concerned that any attempt to have a parallel legal system with overlapping jurisdictions and duplication of penalties will lead to confusion and disharmony.”

“The MIC is of the view that the Federal Constitution has provided the moral, social and legal basis of the development of this nation and created the Malaysia that we know today.”

“Any proposal which goes against the spirit of the Constitution, should be rejected. We have stated our clear stand to the Chairman of the Barisan National and will continue to do so in all future discussions on this matter.”