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Dr Subra slams Perlis state government for amending law on conversion



Kuala Lumpur – “The MIC condemns the act by the Perlis State government in amending their Islamic enactment to allow for unilateral conversion of a non Muslim child to Islam by a newly converted Muslim parent without the consent of the non-converted parent” said President of MIC Datuk Seri Dr S.Subramaniam.

“This particular issue has been the central core of discord in many cases including the Indira Gandhi’s case and others. Whilst the Federal Cabinet has been trying to find a permanent solution to an issue which has been identified as a major thorn  in inter religious relationship in this country,this act by a BN led state government is a major step backward to religious harmony in this country” Dr Subra said.


“It is going to cause greater disunity amongst the people of Malaysia. The Perlis Islamic Enactment prior to its amendment, by requiring the consent of the both the father AND the mother for the conversion of a child gave equal rights to both parents to determine the religion of a child under the age of 18 years. Now that right has been unilaterally and irrevocably removed by the Perlis State government. The Perlis state government has now opened the door for breast feeding infants to be snatched from their mothers and be rushed to the religious dept for conversion and be deprived of the mothers love and attention” Subra further noted in his statement.

“MIC considers such acts to be against the fundamental rights of the child. Every child has a right to the mother’s love as well as to the mother’s milk. Why is the Perlis State digging a grave to this and denying the child of the love of both parents?” asked Subra.