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Dr Subra to speak at the Davos World Economic Forum!


davos-world economic forumDavos – The annual gathering of World Economic Forum (WEF) commenced today in Davos, Switzerland and will be held until 20 January 2017.

WEF was established in 1971 as a not-for-profit foundation and it is not tied to any special interests with the aim to demonstrate entrepreneurship in the global public interest while upholding the highest standards of governance. The theme for this year is “Responsive and Responsible Leadership” and it entails a deeper commitment to inclusive development and equitable growth, nationally and globally. While health and access to health are key drivers of equitable socio-economic growth and therefore, a robust programme for this system initiative is being developed.

subra-dr-mic-photoMIC President and Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S.Subramaniam is in Davos, Switzerland, to attend the WEF. “I am in Davos to attend this prestigious annual  World Economic Forum  2017. I had been invited to speak  alongside with World renowned leaders , Captains of Industries, and Ministers.  As a discussion leader i will be  sharing insights on triggers for long term behaviour change and government role in advocacy and increasing patients’ compliance and community empowerment” Subra said in a press statement released today.

“The Ministry of Health (MOH) has collaborated with the few ministries as part National Blue Ocean Strategy initiative called  community-based initiative namely, “Komuniti Sihat, Perkasa Negara” or KOSPEN which is literally translated as “Empowering Communities, Strengthening the Nation” in encouraging the adoption of healthy lifestyles in the community. Community empowerment is also being expanded to workplaces called KOSPEN+. With a structured KOSPEN approach, many health messages and health lifestyle changes can be promoted and instituted nationwide thus, triggers long term behaviour changes” Subra further noted in his statement.

“I also will give special remarks during the Governors Policy Meeting for Global Health and Healthcare session. There are several initiatives undertaken by the Government to ensure the availability and affordability of quality, safe and effective medicine through strengthening medicines regulatory system, providing a fair & transparent medicines selection mechanism, providing an efficient & effective procurement mechanism & supply chain network, developing National Pricing Reference for medicine and others initiative along with several stakeholders. It is a good opportunity for Malaysia to share our commitment and achievements in this international platform” Subra said.

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