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DAP to continue iron grip over Perak?


PETALING JAYA: Should Pakatan Rakyat form the state government after the 13th general election, DAP is expected to continue its strong grip in Perak by holding a majority of the state executive councillor positions, speculated Malay daily, Sinar Harian.

Columnist Yusof Harun said this in his column ‘Berpatah Arang’ based on the political arrangements made in 2008.

In the aftermath of the 12th general election, DAP won 18 state seats out of a 59 state seats. PKR’s seven seats and PAS’ six was adequate to enable the formation of a Pakatan government in Perak.


dapDespite having majority state seats, the party could not hold the coveted menteri besar position due to the Perak state constitution requirement. Hence it held six out of 10 state executive councillor positions to determine the decisions of the state government.

The state government back then was led by PAS’ Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin who Yusof described as just being a puppet from a party that craved power.

The article also emphasised on more Malay representation in the state executive council line-up to reflect the voters.

In 2008, Perak had 55.2% Malay voters, 32.4% Chinese and 12.4% Indians. Since then the Malay voters have increased to 58%.

Meanwhile in a separate report, Selangor BN leaders were reported to have said that they are well prepared even if Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim contested a parliamentary seat in Selangor.

They said this in response to Anwar’s announcement that he is considering to contest either in Perak or Selangor.

Malay daily Utusan Malaysia meanwhile highlighted the growing dominance of national level Pakatan leaders in Johor politics.

Writing in his column “Cuit”, Utusan editor Zaini Hassan said that DAP veteran leader Lim Kit Siang’s intention to contest in Gelang Patah proved that Pakatan’s state level leaders are unable to represent the opposition front there.

Johor DAP is led by Dr Boo Cheng Hau and PAS is led by its state commissioner Dr Mahfodz Mohamed.

Zaini speculated that current Kubang Kerian MP Salahuddin Ayub who is also PAS vice president would contest either in the Pulai or Pontian parliamentary seat.