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“We will work with Dr Subra for the betterment of MIC” – A.K.Ramalingam


ramalingam-ak- (2)Kuala Lumpur – Former MIC Batu Division chairman and national strategic director A.K.Ramalingam (pic) in a press statement released yesterday (Tuesday 05 December 2017) outlined the reasons for withdrawing the suit against MIC-RoS in Federal Court yesterday.

He also said reconciliations talks are going on with MIC President Datuk Seri Dr S.Subramaniam, and that he will accept and work under the leadership Dr Subra for the betterment of the party.

The following is the full text of Ramalingam’s press statement:

“For the betterment of MIC and Barisan Nasional (BN), I’ve decided to withdraw the High Court suit together with other remaining 2 plaintiffs namely Datuk Henry Benedict Asirvatham and Datuk V.Rajoo at the Federal Court on the 5th of December.  After 3 years of court battle pertaining MIC-ROS issue, on the 4th of December 2017 we officially wrote to the lawyers for MIC President Datuk Seri Dr.S.Subramaniam stating that the remaining 3 plaintiffs are withdrawing the case and that we are discontinuing the MIC-ROS case suit.

The decision to withdraw the suit against Datuk Seri Dr.S.Subramaniam and ROS were agreed upon subsequent to a series of reconciliation talks held between our side and Datuk Seri Dr.S.Subramaniam. The decision has been taken into consideration for the sake of our beloved party.

I strongly believe, the time has come for us to reconcile and strengthen the party after 3 years of court battles. As agreed during the reconciliation talks, all the members outside the party for the last 3 years will be welcomed back into the party.

It is time to put aside our individual differences and unite for the sake of the Indian community. As the largest and oldest Indian based party in this country, MIC has a long historical commitment to Indian Community. Any further attempt to prolong the legal challenge definitely will have negative impact during the 14th General Election.

As requested by our beloved Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib bin Razak, we, the factions of former President Datuk Seri G.Palanivel will work closely with MIC President Datuk Seri Dr. S.Subramaniam to rebuild the party to put it into its glorious days once again.

I sincerely would like to thank those who had stood firmly behind us for the last 3 years fighting this court battles together. It’s a blessing for all of us to put an end to this and I am confident that this decision and reconciliation will put MIC back on track to face the 14th General Election.”