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“Hindraf to swing 20% – 30% Indian votes in GE14” – Waytha Moorthy


WaythamoorthyKuala Lumpur – Hindraf Chairman P.Waythamurthy in welcoming Pakatan Harapan (PH) Chairman Tun Mahathir’s announcement that Hindraf would be a strategic partner of PH, also pointed out that his movement would be able to swing some 20% to 30% Indian votes in favour of Pakatan in GE-14.

The following is the full text of press statement posted today (7 March 2018) by Waythamoorthy on the facebook page of Hindraf:

“Hindraf welcomes Tun Mahathir’s announcement yesterday that we are accepted in the Pakatan Harapan fold as a strategic partner. This would pave the way to greater cooperation and on the ground campaigning by Hindraf cadres and leaders to ensure the victory of PH candidates in seats previously identified.


Hindraf looks forward to a new and historic partnership that would see the downfall of the BN regime now that all stakeholders are part of this grand coalition.

Almost 9 months ago, Hindraf volunteered to assist PH candidates win in 31 Parliament and 59 state seats held by BN which was won marginally in GE 13. We base our analysis on the assumption the election boundary remains the same, and the support of Malay and Chinese voters remain the same. With Hindraf moving the working class Indian voters towards PH would see an additional 20%-30% Indian vote swing on top of the already existing 45%-55% Indian base support can ensure seats are won handsomely by the opposition.

Hindraf would play a major role in the upcoming elections as we have large following of the rural voters in the states of Kedah, Perak, Negeri Sembilan and Johor. These Indian voters lack Indian representation and see Hindraf as their voice in the new coalition.

Tun Mahathir was correct when he said though there are Indians in the Pakatan Harapan, these Indian leaders represent their parties which is seen as Malay and Chinese parties. There is a general feeling in the mindset of ordinary Indians that the Indian representation is lacking in PH. Hindraf has proven record of representing the Indians on crucial issues of socio economic development of the former estate workers and those from the lower income or B40 group.

Hindraf assures the Malaysian Indians, should we make it to the Parliament, we would impress upon the PH government to make changes and formulate policies at the national level to bring all marginalised communities into the mainstream economy and ensure none is left behind in the country’s development.

Specific and focused programs will be planned to solve certain chronic issues like displacement, poverty and crime. We would ensure the civil servants implement decisions taken by government to assist those from the B40 unlike the current BN which only employs the “cari makan” NGO’s and MIC politicians who milk the only few programs initiated by government.

A permanent and comprehensive solution would be the focus of Hindraf and Indians can be assured that we will be working closely with the new government to meet their needs”