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Cameron Highlands : DAP candidate likely to be lawyer M.Manogaran


Cameron Highlands – DAP sources said the party’s candidate for the Cameron Highlands parliament has ‘more or less’ been decided and he is lawyer M.Manogaran.

His candidature is expected to be announced tomorrow Sunday evening at Bentong, Pahang. Pakatan Harapan’s Pahang state candidates are also expected to be announced tomoorrow at the same event.

Manogaran for the first time contested in general election in 2008 in Teluk Intan parliamentary seat and won, defeating Gerakan’s Mah Siew Keong by 1,470 votes majority.

Cameron Highlands – 2013 General Election results

In 2013 he contested in Cameron Highlands and lost to then MIC President Datuk Seri G.Palanivel by a wafer-thin margin of 462 votes.

Although he lost in 2013, DAP leadership is said to be impressed with his performance in Cameron Highlands as a first-time candidate. His work in the constituency for the last few years in Cameron Highlands is also said to be a factor for the party leadership to choose him.

Barring last-minute changes Manogran’s candidature is expected to be announced at Bentong on Sunday.

So far there has been no indication as to who would be the BN candidate for Camerons. However, MIC is likely to field its candidate in Camerons as the seat has been allocated to the party in the last 3 general elections.

MIC won the seat in all the 3 consecutive general elections beginning 2004.

MIC Youth leader Sivarrajh Chandran is currently serving as the party’s coordinator for Cameron Highlands.