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Chandrasekar Suppiah resigns from all MIC posts

Datuk Chandrasekar Suppiah

Kuala Lumpur – Chairman of MIC Bandar Tun Razak division in Wilayah Persekutuan Datuk Chandrasekar Suppiah has resigned from all his positions in Malaysian Indian Congress with immediate effect.

In a letter dated 1st June 2018, a copy of which was made available to selliyal.com, Chandrasekar Suppiah stated that he is resigning from all his posts and henceforth shall not represent MIC in any capacity.

Chandrasekar is also the branch chairman of MIC Bandar Tasik Selatan Branch. His father late Mr Suppiah was also the branch chairman of MIC Sungei Besi Branch and was a staunch supporter of former MIC President Tun S.Samy Vellu during his times.

Following his father’s footsteps Chandrasekar joined MIC in 1980 and since then has played prominent roles at the division, state and national levels. He served as a Central Working Committee (CWC) member for 2 terms and was also the Deputy Chairman of MIC Wilayah Persekutuan State Congress.

He has also served as a Senator. No further reasons were given for his resignation from the party.