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Thai Cabinet endorses first gay marriage bill in Asia


BANGKOK — The Thailand Cabinet has endorsed the Civil Partnership Bill, which would allow same-sex couples to enter into a legally recognised civil institution similar to marriage, before submitting it to the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) for consideration.

With this move, Thailand is reportedly the first Asian country to consider a bill for same-sex unions, Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reported.

Spokesperson for the Deputy Prime Minister for economic affairs, Natporn Jatusripitak revealed that the Cabinet endorsed the Civil Partnership Bill to allow all sexes the right to start their own families.


The bill stipulates that civil partnerships would be restricted to same-sex couples, where both partners are at least 20 years old and give consent to the civil union to the registrar.

At least one partner would have to be a Thai citizen, and the civil partnership could be dissolved voluntarily, in the event of the passing of one partner or via court ruling.

The Thai Cabinet will now send the bill for deliberation by the NLA. Once passed by the legislature, the law would be promulgated in the Royal Government Gazette 120 days before taking effect.