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Muhammad Adib’s family relieved, now wants responsible parties charged


ALOR SETAR: The family of Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim, the firefighter who died after sustaining injuries in a riot at the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Subang Jaya last year, felt vindicated when the Coroner’s Court today ruled that Muhammad Adib’s death was due to a criminal act by two or three unidentified individuals.

His mother,  Asma Aziz, 52, said although she was thankful for the decision, she was still not satisfied as the individuals who caused the death of her son, were still not arrested.

“Although relieved with the decision, I still can’t get my son back. So I hope that the individuals involved would be arrested as soon as possible and brought to justice. I want to see the faces of those who beat up my son,” she said to reporters when met at her house at Kampung Tebengau, Kuala Kedah, here today.


She said she and her husband cried with relief when family members told them

“We wanted to go (to the court), but we fear that the result will not be in our favour, so we decided not to go. But, now, we will be going (to Kuala Lumpur) this afternoon to see our family members,” she said.

Meanwhile, her husband, Mohd Kassim, 64, said that he was happy with the decision, and like his wife, he wanted to see the perpetrators being charged in court.