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Hard Water Causes Skin Problems!


8 April 2013-Sometimes we may find it difficult to manage our dry skin even with top moisturisers available in the market. But, before blaming or changing your moisturiser, take a minute to check the water in which you bath daily. If it is hard water, then the reason for your skin problems is none other than the hard water.

It happens generally for those who use bore-well water where ground water seeps through the soil and rocks. If your bathtub is full of deposits and rust, or your shower has build ups, then you may be using hard water. Hard water is composed of high concentrations of minerals, such as calcium carbonate and dolomite.

x06-1365246136-skindamage.jpg.pagespeed.ic.CRlVZ0z_g-Most of the skin problems associated with hard water is due to its inability to remove the residues of your cleansing products from your skin. This will eventually clog your skin pore and will result in dry skin and other skin problems. Here are some common skin problems that can happen due to regular use of hard water.