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BN’s promises fulfillable, says Labuan BN chairman


Yussof MahalLABUAN, April 8- The pledges in the Barisan Nasional (BN) manifesto are holistic, realistic and achievable, reflecting a true colour of a caring government for the people.  The various programmes under the transformation programmes such as 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BRIM), 1Malaysia Licence Aid (BL1M) and the 1Malaysia Clinic, among others had greatly helped to ease the burden of the people.  Labuan BN chairman Datuk Yussof Mahal(Pic) commenting on the BN’s pledges said it was a pledge for the people and the country, as a whole in the long run.

“The pledge (manifesto) launched by BN chairman Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak last Saturday was not a promise to mislead the people, but rather a pledge that is achievable and fullfillable,” he said. The 2012 Household Income Survey found the average monthly income of Malaysian households, which rose from RM4,025 in 2009 to RM5,000 in 2012, had increased 7.2 per cent annually and was evident that the federal government was able to uplift the livelihood of the people.

Yussof said this significant income rise was achieved with the federal government’s efforts in ensuring continuous, stable and strong growth in the economy under the BN government.


“This was due to the increase and expansion of various economic opportunities, thus creating employment opportunities,” he said.  Najib, during the launching, had said that the BN manifesto was not just a manifesto, but a document containing ‘pledges’ to the people.

The 31-page document lists a whole slate of commitments, projects and programmes, with the manifesto pledging that no Malaysian will be left behind by the coalition, should it be returned to power.