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“Muhyiddin days numbered?” – Ramasamy argues


George Town : Citing various political events that have erupted recently, Penang’s Deputy Chielf Minister II argues that it is possible to believe that current Prime Minister’s days are numbered.

The following is the full text of his posting on his facebook page today:

It is not necessary for Annuar Musa to state that Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin need to be replaced. In other words, Annuar was suggesting that we need to wait for the next general election to change the prime minister.

Right now, he said, that we need to focus on how to contain the spread of Covid-19. If Umno in general, I mean the majority of the MPs are not satisfied with Muhyiddin, why the need to wait until the next general election.

I am not sure whether the Cabinet reshuffle is in order for Muhyiddin to make the necessary changes to give Umno members more prominent role.

There is always the possibility that Umno being party without any principles, might take up the offer of more posts if offered by Muhyiddin.

Any way, at the moment nothing is certain.

If mixed signals are given to Umno, then PKR president Anwar Ibrahim might be the ultimate beneficiary of the exodus of Umno MPs especially those not facing court trials for corruption and abuse of power.

It is not that Anwar lacks the majority support from the MPs, it just that he has not been given the fair opportunity to prove this majority before the Yang dipertuan Agong or even the Parliament.

There are too many obstacles that Anwar has to face and resolve before Putra Jaya is within his insight.

At the moment the situation is foggy.

Of course, the former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad is not resting on his laurels.

He is waiting for an opportunity to wrest the post even though nobody takes him seriously.

Perhaps he lives in the make belief world that he is the best prime minister for the country.

Muhyiddin had some popularity initially even though he could not get rid of the Albatross around his neck for coming to power through the back door.

While the first wave of Covid-19 was well managed, thanks to the skills of the director general of heath and not the minister, the government seems not prepared for the second wave that struck the nation.

We have reached a point where we are not sure who is running the government.
Apart from Bersatu taking most of the key cabinet posts, it’s leaders having nothing to offer in managing the affairs of the country.

Umno is angry not because Muhyiddin is incompetent, but because he has not allocated enough posts for Umno.

Bersatu—a party with the least number of MPs —has taken the lion’s share of cabinet posts.

PAS and Umno might have embraced each other in the Muafakat Nasional, but the cracks are beginning to appear.

In fact PAS with less MP seats in parliament than Umno seems to be favoured by Bersatu.

Recent appointments to GLCs indicate that PAS has benefitted more than Umno.
Muafakat Nasional seems hopelessly divided by the divisive politics of Bersatu in PN.

Unless there is last minute deal in the form of cabinet reshuffle to get the acquiescence of Umno, the stage has been set for the show down between Bersatu and Umno.

If this happens, Anwar’s boast of majority might might be translated into reality to form the next government.

Looks like Muhyiddin’s days are numbered.

He might not have the luxury to wait until the next general election, whatever the advice offered by Annuar.