Home English News “Kedah MB’s statement indicates further destruction of Temples in Kedah” – Ramasamy

“Kedah MB’s statement indicates further destruction of Temples in Kedah” – Ramasamy



There is nothing to expect from Kedah MB.

Kedah MB Muhammed Sanusi Mohd Nor is up to his nonsense again.

When some Hindu groups requested the Kedah government to give guarantee that no more Hindu temples would be demolished, Sanusi  threatened further demolitions.


In fact he said that either the illegal Hindu temples are removed by their own members or be prepared for demolition.

As far as Sanusi is concerned, only the Hindu temples are built on the lands that don’t belong to them.

Beyond these structures that are nothing illegal in Kedah.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal shops, illegal extensions and places of worship belong to non-Hindus are not illegal if we follow the logic of Sanusi.

It is blatantly obvious that Sanusi is racist and Islamic extremist.

He is specifically targeting Hindu temples for demolition for obvious reasons.

Since the Hindus in Kedah are numerically small in comparison to others and economically weak and lack effective political representation, their culture and religion have become extremely vulnerable.

In a state administered by PAS, a party that has little or no tolerance for religions other Islam, non-Muslim religions and their places of worship have become targeted for destruction.

Hindu temples especially those that are located on private or state lands become the targets of destruction.

Hindu temples that have existed more than hundred years will not be spared by the racist and religious bigot, Sanusi.

Even the ancient remaining Hindu-Buddhist structures in the sprawling Bujang Valley might not be spared by Sanusi  to rid Kedah of Hindu temples, it doesn’t matter, if these structures are more than 3000 years old.

It is silly for the Hindu groups to demand a guarantee from Sanusi knowing very well that he has nothing but venom and hatred for non-Muslims and Hindus in particular.

But yet despite his racism and religious bigotry, there are Indians within PAS who without shame  condone and justify the actions of the PAS government under the infamous Sanusi.

If he can go the extent of threatening to cut off water supply to more than a million people in Penang, then there is nothing to stop this mad  man or “ Attila” from destroying Hindu temples on their grounds of illegality.

If Hindu temples are endowed with land and sufficient funds, why would they want to be illegal.

From Sanusi’s myopic perspective, Hindus in Kedah have nothing better to do than go around erecting places of worship on state or private lands.

PAS administers two states, but Kedah stands out in terms of showing the true colours of PAS.