Home English News “Double-standard in applying the law against two hate preachers?” – Ramasamy

“Double-standard in applying the law against two hate preachers?” – Ramasamy

If police can operate at a lightening speed in arresting and charging an employer for assaulting two of his security personnel for fasting, I don’t understand why they are not willing to charge Islamic preachers Zamri Vinoth Kalimuthu and Firdaus Wong Lai Hung followers of Zakir Naik, for insulting and belittling non-Muslim faiths.

The quick action against the employer and the inaction against the two Muslim preachers for humiliating the non-Muslims is a complete double-standard in the application of the law.

It makes a mockery of the dispensation of justice in the country. It gives an impression that there is one law for some and another law for others.

If this going to be the prevalent practice in the enforcement of law and order, then there is no meaning to the axiom that everybody is equal before the law.

It looks like there is difference in the application of the law when it comes to certain segments.

In other, majoritarian impulses might be dictating to the law enforcement agencies as to the priorities to be established in investigation and action.

In other words, some segments or individuals might be more equal than others. The disparaging activities of Zamri Vinoth and Firdaus Wong have been going on for sometime in the country right right in front of the law enforcement agencies.

Why these two individuals can engage in these insults against the non-Muslim faiths without any sense of responsibility or accountability?

Are they untouchable? Is it because of their links to the Islamic preacher Zakir Naik?
Why are the police keeping their eyes closed on the matter despite numerous reports?

It speaks volumes of the police and the Attorney General Chambers (AGC) in applying two different kinds of standards in the enforcement of law.

Are Zamri Vinoth and Firdaus Wong emboldened to engage in these nefarious activities because of their links Naik who is a fugitive in this country.

However, a few years back Naik was granted the status of a permanent resident by the then BN government to refurbish their Islamic credentials.

Naik is wanted by the law enforcement agencies in India for numerous charges ranging from money laundering to supporting terrorist organisations.

Hundreds of police reports have been made against the two preachers backed with evidence, but the police have not recommended to the Deputy Public Prosecutor’s office for action. In other words, both, Zamri Vinoth and Firdaus Wing, will not be charged for inciting hatred against the non-Islamic faiths.

The police have concluded that there will be “no further action” against the two.
Both the preachers have their base in the state of Perlis.

Both of them were non-Muslims before they were charged converted to Islam. They have become preachers over the last few years with the primary focus on belittling and humiliating non-Muslims faith.

They behave as though by humiliating the non-Muslims faiths, their Islamic credentials will be enhanced.