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“Hadi not in a position to strategically advance the Palestinian cause” – Ramasamy



Hadi not in a position to strategically advance the Palestinian cause. The prime minister’s special envoy to the Middle-East and PAS’ president Abdul Hadi wang seems not well versed with events in the Middle-East.

He urges Muslim countries in the world to support the Palestinian cause especially with the conflict escalating between Hamas and the Israeli armed forces. Hadi is not fully aware that the support for the Palestinian cause is not the same with all Muslim countries.
Some countries provide financial aid and arms to Hamas, the organisation that is fighting for the freedom and full independence of Palestine from Israeli occupation.

However, some countries particularly those close with the US and European Union provide mere moral and political support. As the special envoy Hadi rather than engaging in political rhetoric should try to ascertain why there are differences among the Muslim countries towards the Palestinian cause.


Another worrying aspect in the Middle-East is the slow and steady rapprochement between Israel and some Muslim countries particularly Saudi Arabia. If this rapprochement goes full steam, it might have negative implications on the future creation of the state of Palestine.

It needs to be said that some Muslim countries are not comfortable with the stand by Hamas that is sticking to the idea of destroying Israel once and for all. Although these countries have not formally recognised Israel, it might be matter of time.

Whether the Palestinian matter is on the agenda of Arab countries seeking rapprochement with Israel, it is not clear. But it is a foregone conclusion that friendly relationship between Israel and the Arab nations must be built and sustained on the long term resolution of the Palestinian issue.

Israel is aware of this and so do Arab countries that are seeking a thaw in the relationship.

Hadi might be popular leader in PAS but his political appointment as the special envoy for the Middle-East is disappointing to say the least.

I am not sure whether he was appointed to bring about good and lasting relations with the Arab countries or was told to examine how the Palestinian matter could be resolved or both, as they are not mutually exclusive.

Unfortunately, Hadi despite his political rhetoric, seems rather unqualified to examine the political dynamics in the Middle-East.

To date, following his appointment he has done little to highlight the dynamics of the Palestinian conflict and whether he is agreeable to the two-state formula envisaged to bring about an amicable settlement to the years of Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

It is perfectly alright to support the Hamas as a liberation movement, but we get no indication from Hadi or the Malaysian government as how to move forward on the settlement of the Palestinian matter.

It is well and good to condemn Israel for the latest attacks on the Palestinians, but the real question is how Malaysia as a responsible nation can move forward on the question of long term political settlement.

For a start, the present government should appoint a person with credibility and credentials as the special envoy to the Middle-East and not someone like Hadi who hardly has impeccable credentials. He was merely rewarded with the post for supporting the present illegal government that came to power through a political putsch.

The Palestinian matter is not a simple as Muslims versus non-Muslims. This is the myopia of Hadi. It is lot more complicated. It about the rights of Palestinians for separate homeland. It about freedom to be free of external occupation and enslavement. In the ultimate sense, it about a separate nation for Palestinians, ruled by them and for them.

I am sorry, Hadi or the government that he represents cannot think and act in manner that is in keeping with the genuine interests of the Palestinians.

Political rhetoric might get votes in the country, but hardly enough to strategically advance the Palestinian cause.