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Netanyahu, Gantz agree to form unity gov’t in Israel

JERUSALEM: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and opposition leader Benny Gantz on Monday agreed to form a national unity government, Anadolu Agency reported according...

Israel to track patients; smartphones to help contain Covid-19 spread

Israeli internal security service has been allowed to track patients' smartphones in bid to help contain the spread of the coronavirus, Israel's Prime Minister's Office said Sunday.

Netanyahu claims victory in his party’s leadership primaries

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed victory in his party primary election on Thursday night, fending off a veteran contender that challenged his long-time rule of Israel's governing party, reported Xinhua News Agency.

Israel heads to unprecedented third election in one year after parliament...

The Israeli parliament was dissolved on Wednesday night after its two main parties failed to form a government ahead of a midnight deadline, signalling an unprecedented third election within a year, Xinhua news agency reported, quoting local media.

US: Israeli settlements don’t violate international law

The United States (US) on Monday reversed course on its position regarding Israeli settlements built in the occupied West Bank, breaking with over four decades of precedent in saying that they will no longer be viewed as illegal "per se", Anadolu Agency reported. 

Whatsapp dedah wartawan diintai perisian intip Israel

NEW DELHI: Platform media sosial milik Facebook dan aplikasi mesej bagi telefon pintar, WhatsApp, mendedahkan bahawa sekurang-kurangnya 24 rakyat India, termasuk wartawan, peguam dan aktivis hak asasi...

Israeli elections end without clear winner – political deadlock possible

Israel's closely-fought elections ended on Tuesday night, with exit polls showing a virtual tie between the Likud party, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Blue and White party, led by former army chief Benny Gantz.

Israel’s Military diplomacy in South East Asia

In recent years, Tel Aviv has been engaging in aggressive military diplomacy in Southeast Asia by selling weapons to several countries in the region, in its bid to establish closer bilateral ties.

“No diplomatic relations, Israelis should not come to Malaysia” – Mahathir

KUALA LUMPUR -- Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has stressed that Israelis should not come to Malaysia as the country does not have diplomatic...

Jerusalem should remain as it is – Mahathir

BANGKOK -- Jerusalem should remain as it is and it is not right for any other country to decide that it should become the...