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“It is a shame that Muhyiddin heads the NRC” – Ramasamy



It is a shame that Muhyiddin heads the NRC

I thought that the former prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin, the chief architect of the “Sheraton Move” had retired once and for all. All of a sudden we hear the terrible news that Muhyiddin been appointed as the chairman of the National Recovery Council (NRC).

His short lived tenure as the prime minister is infamous for the introduction of the Emergency Rule ostensibly to assist in the fight against the menace of the Covid-19 pandemic.


It soon turned out that the emergency measures were a farce more intended to prop up his administration more than anything else.

There is no novelty in the approach of the new prime minister Ismail Sabri.

His cabinet members are from the earlier government, with some cosmetic changes.

But it never crossed my mind for a second that Muhyiddin might make his appearance again in the new government.

I thought he is politically finalised.

Certainly I was disappointed with the new government with its recycled appointments.

But I was shocked to hear that Muhyiddin has been appointed to head the NRC.

Apparently, he has welcomed the appointment thanking Ismail for having confidence in his ability promising that he will do the best for the country.

This is coming from a man who betrayed the PH government, misled the Yang Dipertuan Agung on the emergency measures and most importantly who couldn’t hold his government intact for more than 16 months.

He tended his ignominious resignation before leaving the government.

Yet the new government, old wine in the new bottle, still thinks and acts as though Muhyiddin with his vast experience, I mean treachery, will deliver.

As far as I am concerned, the NRC which was set up during Muhyiddin’s period was basically a public relations exercise to bring within its fold certain persons who were against the administration.

It was expected that giving them a role was be an act of appeasement sparing the government from the embarrassment of criticism.

Since Ismail does not have to prove majority until the Parliament meets, he is not any danger right now.

Even the opposition is willing to give him sometime to address the pandemic situation.

Since there is no need for the NRC, why then appoint Muhyiddin who has been literally disgraced for not holding on to his government earlier.

I don’t think that Muhyiddin’s appointment as the chairman of the NRC has anything to do with the recovery of the nation from the terrible pandemic.

Why there is a need to discuss about recovery when the pandemic has not be contained. Even if there is need for early recovery plans, Muhyiddin, given his dismal performance, is hardly qualified to hold the position.

In a larger sense, it is not Muhyiddin and for that matter Ismail, but the sad situation of the nation as a whole.

The past and present leaders have failed the country miserably in not only containing the pandemic, but have not really addressed the question of corruption and financial scandals.

What is point of the reappointment of the three useless envoys to the Middle-East, China and East Asia.

Malaysians are worried not because they will have nothing to contribute, but taxpayers money will go down the drain.

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