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“Non-Malays don’t trust Mahathir” – Ramasamy



Non-Malays don’t trust Mahathir
It is not that non-Malays fear Malay parties, but are certainly concerned about Malay parties led by leaders like the former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad.
Why should non-Malays in general and Chinese in particular fear Malay parties like the virtually non-existent party like Pejuang.

Having lost election deposits of almost all the candidates in the recent Johore state by-election, Pejuang led by Mahathir is in total disarray let alone be counted by non-Malays.

The party is fast fading into oblivion so much in a few years Malaysians might not even remember the mosquito party existed.

Mahathir’s prognosis of politics is always one-sided, how the Malays have been fair to the non-Malays in the past whereas the latter have not been appreciative of the former.

Concessions not even granted to the Chinese by the British colonial power were granted by Malay governments in the post-independence periods.


Such a kind of narrow or myopic argument pays little attention to the role of the non-Malay communities to the development of the country over the decades.

It is not so much about the generosity of Malay governments, but the recognition that Chinese and Indians are citizens of the country with immense contribution to their credit.

The first prime minister of the country Tunku Abdul Rahman was somebody liked by the non-Malays for being a fair and level-headed person.

Unfortunately, this cannot be said about other prime ministers who came to power based on a definite Malay racial agenda. This certainly not the case with Mahathir to came to power to seek vengeance.

The good and amicable relations between the different ethnic communities were impaired permanently with the ascension of Mahathir as the prime minister.

His administration by actively and aggressively promoting the Malay agenda enshrined in the New Economic Policy or infamously termed as the Never Ending Policy.

During his term of 22 years in office, Mahathir did more damage to the country than any other prime ministers. Yes, he wash fair to the Chinese, but only to his super rich cronies.

Similarly, he was generous to those Malays, not all, but those who had powerful connections to Umno. The Malaysian Indian community suffered most under his administration.

Even until today, they have no forgotten how his administration marginalised them to the extent that they have been economically and politically disabled.

What is the point of talking about Malay governments being fair to non-Malays when the opposite is true.

He deliberately and viciously undermined the PH government to the extent it collapsed after brief stint in power. Was he fair to the non-Malays representatives in PH?

Was he fair to the non-Malays when they were mercilessly lambasted as “pendatang” in the Malay dignity conference?

Mahathir should be the last person in the country to talk about the welfare and well-being of the non-Malays in the country.

Perhaps he should be talking about how he systematically undermined them politically, economically and psychologically. It really sad that his followers in Pejuang are being misled by the whims and fancies of Mahathir, the prime architect of Malaysia’s failure as multi-racial country.

I think that Malaysians had enough of him to put up with his nonsense.