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“There must be multiple investigations of the death, not just the police” – Ramasamy reiterates…



There must be multiple investigations of the death, not just the police

The director of the Penang health department Ma’arof bin Sudin has urged the public to be patient on the death of trainee doctor as the police are yet to complete their investigation.

I agree with the director that we must allow the police to conduct a thorough investigation. Why should the police say that death of the trainee doctor looked like a “sudden death”?


What was the basis for such a remark to be uttered?

Was it a sudden death or suicide caused by external factors such as ragging, bullying and humiliation?

Why are the police quick to “close”the case?

Is the Penang GH conducting its own investigation as to the death of the young doctor?

What about the Penang health department?

Why the reliance on police investigation and not investigations by the heath department, the hospital administration and others.

Are there any directives from the ministry so far.

Where is the gung-ho heath minister Khairy Jamaluddin on this matter?

Is he still busy fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, even after it had taken a downturn?

Khairy remains oblivious to the plight of young doctors in government hospitals.

Is it wonder doctors who have completed their training under horrendous circumstances are opting to work in the private sector and not for the government.

The death of the doctor under mysterious circumstances raises questions about the administration of government hospitals in the country.

Why are the trainee doctors treated so badly when there was no reason to do so in the first place?

Are they criminals to be rehabilitated under extreme conditions?
Is Khairy as the heath minister prepared to set up a major inquiry such as a royal commission to investigate the state of affairs in government hospitals?

Or is he going to sweep the matter of bullying and shaming of young doctors under the carpet?

Khairy must not hide but come out in the open to address the matter.