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“Police must act without fear or favour against Hadi of PAS” – Ramasamy



Police must act without fear or favour against Hadi of PAS

The infamous “instant noodles” PAS president, Abdul Awang might be hauled by the police as result of a number of police reports lodged the last few days. These reports were response to the remark made by Hadi that the root cause of corruption in the country are the non-Malays and not the Malays.

The non-Malays by taking an overt interest in politics have come to situation where the control the economy. Corruption is the mechanism used by the non-Malays to gain control over the Malays.

Malays might be the recipients of corrupt money, but they are not certainly the cause. Whichever way Hadi wants to turn and twist, the remark was certainly a racist and extremist one.


He needs to be investigated and charged both under the for causing public mischief and abuse of the social media under the relevant provisions of the Penal Code and the Communication and Multimedia Act.

While the police might investigate, I doubt they will ever charge him for his blatant racist and insensitive remark against the non-Malays.

There is a unhealthy trend in this country: racist and religious attacks against non-Malays do not get the same level of consideration as attacks against the Malays, their ethnicity or religion.

Given this, I doubt anything will come out of the police reports against Hadi or the police investigation.

I hope that I will be proved wrong.

The police investigation might be just a public relations exercise to show that they are investigating merely to cool down the ethnic temperature.

The remark that the non-Malays are the corrupted ones and not the Malays has come from the mouth of sitting member of parliament and a party leader.

If Hadi can get away with this racist remark, then it will merely embolden others to engage in extreme forms of ethnic and religious aspersions.

There is nothing to stop them from doing so. Hadi and other racist politicians think and act as though they are above the law.
Due to the fact they part of the present government in well entrenched positions, there is sense of impunity. In other words, they can get away by insulting others by engaging in extreme and crude disparagement.

Calling the non-Malays as the source of corruption goes beyond any decent political discourse that is permissible in a civilised society.

As it is, there enough racial and religious problem that defies solution. The country certainly does not self-serving politicians like Hadi to complicate matters.

The extremist remark against the non-Malays as corrupt was not the first instance of Hadi’s extreme and insensitive remarks against the non-Malays.

Much earlier he had advocated the government to exclude the non-Malays from top civil service appointments. Very recently, he called then the PH government as “instant noodles”.
It was directed more at the DAP more than other component parties within the fold of the PH. If the police investigation against Hadi is merely going to be an eye-wash, then the public confidence in the police to act without fear or favour will be shaken up.
The police must be seen to be doing the right thing.

Nobody is the above the law.

Just as the country’s judiciary had enhanced its reputation by acting without fear or favour in endorsing the conviction of the former prime minister Najib Tun Razak, the police must be firm in putting a stop to those who using race and religion for their narrow minded objectives.