Home English News “Appointment of NGO leader might be an insult to Indians” – Ramasamy

“Appointment of NGO leader might be an insult to Indians” – Ramasamy



Appointment of NGO leader might be an insult to Indians

Newly minted deputy prime minister and Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi must take the Indian community seriously. He cannot simply appoint an NGO leader to take care of the Indian affairs.

Not when the NGO leader is seen as extremely obsequious to Umno leaders in the past and present. There is no such thing as Indian affairs under his present portfolio let alone appoint somebody to take care and report on the woes of the Indian community.


The Indian community suffered under the BN administration for more than 60 years. What makes Zahid think that he will be different this time around in addressing the myriad words of the Indian community.

I am not sure whether such an appointment is something complimentary or an insult to Indians in the country.

When BN as a whole could not resolve the major problems of the Indian community, how could the appointment of one controversial NGO person going to change the fortune of the community that sacrificed so much for the development of the country.

Zahid himself said in his appointment that he would blame the NGO leader if fails to take up Indian matters. So it is plainly obvious that Zahid is fully aware of the capacity of this person as to what he can do and not.

It is just matter of time before he announces that this particular person has failed to serve the Indian community and therefore he is removing him.

Interestingly such a method might absolve Zahid from any blame in the future.

My question is simple: why is the Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim allowing Zahid to make this kind of ridiculous announcements.

The problems faced by Indians and others require a systematic solution by the unity government anchored by PH coalition.

More than 60 years of the discrimination and marginalisation of Indians must be holistically addressed.

Certainly, piecemeal efforts and ad hoc appointments are not the answer to the woes of the Indian community.

It is my advise to Zahid that he should focus his attention on his role as the deputy prime minister and the portfolios he is in charge.

He should not stray by making ad hoc appointments in areas that are not within his purview.

I repeat that the appointment of the NGO person might do more harm than good to the Indian community.

Indians need brave and honest leaders who fully understand the plight of the community.

It is Anwar who should be looking into the plight of the Indians and others, certainly not leaders who have no record of assisting the community.