Home Politics Opposition using various dirty tactics to disrupt BN campaign – Teng

Opposition using various dirty tactics to disrupt BN campaign – Teng


Teng Chang YeowGEORGE TOWN, April 25 – Penang Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman  Teng Chang Yeow today condemned the opposition pact for using various dirty tactics to disrupt BN’s campaign in the 13th general election. He said among the dirty tactics was using youngsters to disturb the ceramah organised by BN.

“We’ve received reports from several BN candidates that schoolchildren have been used, and I think this is improper,” he told a news conference at the state BN headquarters, here.

Teng, who is the BN candidate for the Bukit Tengah state seat, also placing an explosive device which exploded last night behind the ceramah stage at the grounds of the Nibong Tebal BN operations room was also a dirty and immature act.

“We condemn such action as it is uncalled for. We want to win this general election through good policies and not through violence.

“We call on leaders of the contesting political parties to control their supporters from getting too emotional,” he said.

The BN election campaign ceramah last night, attended by about 3,000 people, was disrupted when many ran away helter-skelter after they were jolted by a loud explosion about 10 metres from behind the stage. Teng said this foul tactic showed the opposition did not respect or uphold what they themselves demanded – clean elections.

“They claim to want to have fair and clean elections but they have resorted to such actions to scare off our supporters,” he added.