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Humiliated, Teng bids farewell


Teng Chang YeowGEORGE TOWN: Teng Chang Yeow has resigned as Barisan Nasional state chairman and Gerakan secretary-general following the coalition heaviest electoral defeat in Penang.

He will tender his resignation letter to respective bosses, BN’s Najib Tun Razak and Gerakan’s Koh Tsu Koon, in a week’s time.

He said he was taking full responsibility for BN’s defeat given he was the man who led the team, drew the strategies and executed the battle plan.

He said he needed a week to submit his quit notice to let the dust to settle down and after a thorough post-mortem is done.

“I take full responsibility for BN’s defeat and will resign as BN state chief and Gerakan sec-gen.

“It’s my personal decision. It’s very clear that the Chinese community had rejected Gerakan in Penang and nationally.

“The Chinese community has also rejected my leadership. I can’t talk on the behalf of MCA.

“Perhaps the Chinese feel the DAP can better represent them,” Teng told a press conference at state BN office here tonight.

Previously, he has said that he would step down if BN fared worse than the 2008 general election in Penang.

Decision to quit final

When asked if he would quit politics altogether, he hinted that he would make a decision on that later.

Adding insult to BN’s the devastating defeat in Penang, its candidate Loke Cheang Gin @ Loke Poh Chye from MCA lost his deposit in the Pengkalan Kota state seat.

This is the first time a BN candidate has lost his deposit in Penang.

Pengkalan Kota is a 95% Chinese majority constituency, the highest among state seats in Malaysia.

“We accept and respect the decision made by people of Penang,” said Teng, adding he did not expect such bad results.

Pakatan Rakyat retained the state government winning 30 of 40 state seats, adding one more from the 29 it won in 2008.

This time BN lost Seberang Jaya state seat to PKR.

But BN won three out of the state’s 13 parliament seats, regaining Balik Pulau. The other two federal seats were Kepala Batas and Tasek Gelugor.

BN won the state seats of Pinang Tunggal, Penaga and Bertam (Kepala Batas); Sungai Dua, Permatang Berangan and Teluk Air Tawar (Tasek Gelugor), Pulau Betong, Bayan Lepas and Teluk Bahang (Balik Pulau); and Sungai Acheh (Nibong Tebal).

“The DAP-led Pakatan has won massively. Congrats to them. My decision to quit is final,” sid Teng.