Home English News “Kula’s omissions are glaring in the creation of DCM2 post” – Ramasamy

“Kula’s omissions are glaring in the creation of DCM2 post” – Ramasamy



Kula’s omissions are glaring in the creation of DCM2 post

DAP MP M. Kulasegaran might not be telling the actual truth about what transpired in the first party’s CEC meeting held in the aftermath of the 2008 general election.


When I brought up the creation of an additional deputy chief minister post for Indian Tamils was debated, Kulasegaran was sitting quiet without giving any sensible input.

Some CEC members agreed with the need for an additional post, there were others who disagreed.

The creation of the post was not decided at the CEC meeting. I think it was taken up administratively with the leadership before the post, deputy chief minister2 ( DCM2) was created.

The post was then offered to me.

DAP agreed to establish the post in remembrance of the contribution of the Indian Tamils in the Hindraf movement. It was through the participation in this struggle, Indian Tamils switched their loyalty from BN to PR, inclusive of the DAP.

Yes, the post was created for an Indian, but not any Indian, but for Indian Tamils who constitute the majority of the Indian population. It is not Kulasegaran does not this fact, but he is pretending to do so.

He cannot dishonestly and irresponsibly sweep under the carpet by engaging in moralising about the principles of the DAP, its multi-racial holier than thou approach to politics.

Maybe Kulasegaran being a long standing member of the DAP should explain to the public why the party’s lofty principles do not apply when it comes to the appointment of Chinese to the Penang chief minister post.

Why the deputy chief minister1 (DCM1) is reserved for a Malay and why an Indian Tamil cannot be appointed for this post?

What do these ethnic reservations for these top posts tell us about the DAP’s grand multi-racial strategy?

Does these ethnic reservations contradict with the unthinking multi-racialism of Kulasegaran’s extreme sycophancy?

Yes, Kulasegaran is partially right in saying that the DCM2 was meant for Indian but this is not the whole story. Again, how does this admission fit into his grand multi-racial agenda?

Both of us know, but Kulasegaran not willing to admit it, that the DCM2 was created for an Indian Tamil and not those who use their Indianess to pursue positions and power but do little or nothing to assist the Indian Tamils from their exploitation and misery.

It is not that position should be not be given to Indians in general, but preference must be given to those from the Indian Tamil community, particularly those with good track record of fighting for the community.

Certainly, not any Indian Tamil.

However, there are Indians who might be of Tamil origins but unfortunately have done nothing or little for the community but ingratiated themselves in political parties by virtue of their servility or obsequiousness.

Is Kulasegaran prepared to make a statement in line with his multi-racial approach that the Penang chief minister’s post should cater for all Malaysians, not just to one single ethnic community?