Home English News “DCM II Penang post was created for Indians” – Kulasegaran says

“DCM II Penang post was created for Indians” – Kulasegaran says



DCM II Penang post was created for Indians

I was there together with Sdr Karpal, the newly appointed Chief Minister Sdr Lim Guan Eng, Sdr Kit Siang and the other CEC members when the DCM II post was mooted and decided on during a 2008 CEC meeting.

It was mooted that the post be created for an “Indian”. The establishment came about after the strong support from the Indian community which helped sweep into power in Penang and elsewhere. The Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng agreed to the proposal and took up the issue to the Government to get it ratified accordingly.


However, when one is appointed to a government post, you cannot just serve one race.

Some have conveniently also forgotten the principles on which the DAP was formed and its objectives!! The ROCKET symbol stands for all races! No one race is more equal than the other!!

It’s very easy to use the race issue and to fire up emotions and to capitalise the issue. We should NOT follow PN leaders who harp on race and religion, which has served to be divisive in our country now.

We cannot tolerate leaders that go against the fabric of what this nation was built on. We are richly diverse even within the Indian population. We comprise various ethnicities, languages, religions, and cultures.

We must uphold inclusivity in governance and public service, which represents and serves the interests of all citizens, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or background.

By implying that a post is reserved for one particular group, it contradicts the very essence of inclusivity.

When a leader singles out specific ethnic or religious groups, it can lead to feelings of exclusion and marginalisation among those who are not included. This can foster animosity and resentment, which are detrimental to social harmony.

The DAP has been formed on the basis as a multi religious, multi lingual and multi racial party. That was the basis on which Malaysians joined DAP with a dream for a better Malaysia.

Lets not be carried away by some who love divisional politics which is both damaging and irrelevant for a strong Malaysia.

Kula Segaran, Ipoh Barat MP
25 August 2023