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“Insults against Indians will never end” – Ramasamy



Insults against Indians will never end

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has apologised for the use of the word “K” in his dialogue with university students. He said that he was merely citing what was written in “Hikayat Hang Tuah” of Hang Tuah’s fluency of the languages spoken in Kalinga.

As the Prime Minister of the country, he should have been sensitive to the slurs used against the Indian community. Whatever ways he justifies the use of the word “K”, the word is derogatory. There is no escaping from this.


Would he have uttered words or slurs against the Malay Muslims just by saying that he was quoting from the book?

He wouldn’t have considering how he his bending over backwards to appease the Malays or Muslims.

As far as Anwar is considered, Indians are dispensable, he can get away by insulting and humiliating them.

Apology is not sincere for he could have avoided the derogatory word against Indians even he had to make reference to languages used in the ancient kingdom of Kalinga.
Anwar might have apologised, but successive events in the last one year or so, have clearly indirectly that Anwar is against or not sensitive to the Indian community, although the reasons are not clear.

He humiliated the majority Hindu community by presiding over conversion of an Hindu youth, he blasted a young Indian student for questioning the social contract, refused to appoint an Indian Tamil to be minister and latest, used the word “k” without considering its sensitivity to the Indian community.

Is Anwar going to stop here, or are there going to be most insults hurled against the Indians?

Not word from the champions of multiracial politics, DAP and PKR.

The DAP is so enthralled and mesmerised by appeasement politics, the party will behave like a tortoise with legs and head withdrawn into the protective shell.

The sycophantic Indian leaders in the DAP and PKR are quiet as a mouse. They refuse to chide Anwar for the derogatory use of the word “K”. It is better for these self-serving so-called Indian leaders to resign from their respective positions.

The Indian Tamil community has enough of these leaders who are without dignity and self-respect.

The Indian Tamils are sick and tired with Anwar. It is just matter of time before Anwar proves himself to be the worst prime minister of the country.

I regret for supporting him.