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Is DAP the latest stooge of Umno?



Is DAP the latest stooge of Umno?

Finally, the cat is out of the bag. Umno knows exactly who they want as DAP leaders and who they don’t want.

Umno supreme council member Puad Zarkhasii has nothing but praise for the DAP secretary general Anthony Loke for understanding the concerns of other political parties in the government.


Puad elaborated that Loke is not only moderate, but leader who doesn’t believe in racial and religious extremism. He wants a political system that functions on the basis of harmony and goodwill.

At the same, the self-appointed speaker of Umno, Puad has no kind words for DAP leaders like veteran Lim Kit Siang, Cheras MP Tan Kok Wai and lately Perak DAP warlord Ngeh Koo Ham.

In the words of Puad, these leaders are controversial and cause of concern to the Malays in the country. Umno really believes in the leadership of Loke. Whether Loke is suitable for the DAP is a different matter.

Before I resigned from the DAP in August 2023, I was one of the “bad boys” in the DAP.
I was constantly targeted by Umno leaders like Puad and others for raising issues pertaining to the rights of the non-Malays in the country.

My questioning of the ethnic composition of the civil service not only annoyed Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim but also the Malay nationalists in Umno and PKR, the party that is fast becoming another Umno.

Some DAP leaders like Loke was not happy with my comments about the civil service. In an interview, he said that the party had its own way in dealing with leaders who raised sensitive issues.

When I was later not given a state seat to contest in Penang, I knew the reason for my non-nomination.

Months before my resignation, I decided to part ways with the DAP. So much for the party leaders like Loke and others who wanted to be nice guys to please Umno and PKR extremists.

After having trained their guns on me, Umno is now targeting other “troublesome” DAP leaders like Lim, Tan and recently Ngeh. Lim’s suggestion of non-Malay as the prime minister, Tan’s harmless proposal for local government elections and Ngeh on the appointment of non-Muslim experts on the committee to examine the congruence of shariah laws with the Federal Constitution have raised hue and cry.

While Ngeh’s suggestion could have been avoided, I don’t see anything morally wrong with statements issued by Lim and Tan. Umno thinks that with leaders like Loke in the DAP, they could be counted upon to control the “irresponsible” rabble rouses in the party.

It is not that the political ties between Umno and DAP is without benefits for the former. Umno leaders are hoping that leaders like Loke and others can do the job they want. No one could have expected that Umno could find an ally in the person of Loke in the DAP.

What is happening to the DAP?

Is it the latest stooge of Umno?