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“Metamorphosis of MIC from political representation to asset management” – Ramasamy



Metamorphosis of MIC from political representation to asset management

MIC president SA Vigneswaran urged the Indian community not to show their anger towards the Madani government in the midst of Kuala Kubu Bharu by-election. He said that if Indians declined to vote for the PH-led government, it would not affect the continuance of the government.

Given this, it is better to vote for the government in power rather than to vote for the opposition front. At least by voting for the PH/DAP candidate, the Indians can ensure government funds for the community.


The MIC last minute backing of the PH/DAP candidate is no surprise. In the beginning their position was something like the MCA which refused to be drawn to the support the DAP candidate.

There is too much bad blood between the MCA and DAP, for the former to support the DAP candidate in the KKB polls. MCA has decided to be involved.

However, Vigneswaran after having a chat with Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has come in to support the PH/DAP candidate.

If the MIC or its members do not show their anger towards this government then when are going to show their pleasure over unfulfilled promises and insults against the Indian community?

Anyway, have the MIC leaders shown their anger towards the past governments in the country.

Have the MIC leadership took up the sad plight of the Indian community in the past. Why has the MIC despite being termed as the “mother party” of Indians lost its standing in the Indian community.

Why is the party that was formed in 1946 at the height of Indian nationalism has lost its direction in abandoning the community lock stock and barrel.

Why was there a sudden change of heart on the part of party after the chat with Anwar?

Was there any material rewards offered by Anwar that the leaders could not refuse?

Or, alternatively, did Anwar threaten them with MACC investigations over corrupt practices of certain MIC leaders?

The actual truth behind the last minute change of heart will never be known, but speculations are rife.

For all intents and purposes, MIC is a political party that is neither dead or nor alive.
The party’s biggest crime is abandoning the Indian community. Limited power, positions and perks have clouded the minds and eyes of the party. It is such a shame and colossal tragedy that the MIC has virtually abandoned the Indian community at the times of the great need for political representation.

Sorry to say, the MIC is in no position to influence the Indians in voting for the PH/DAP candidate. Vigneswaran can blow hot and cold, he knows very well that the community is not going to listen to him.

If the MIC has no functional role, why does it exist in the first place?

The party has some valuable assets that need to protected. Whether these assets will liquidated for the future well-being and welfare of the community remains to be seen.
Anyway, the main duty of the MIC leadership is not political representation but asset management.

This something that political science researchers need to examine as to the metamorphosis of the MIC from an Indian nationalist party to an asset management party.