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Lakshmi Rai clarifies on Sreesanth


969785_499495896771548_1279839101_nMAY 24- The spot fixing probe is being dug deeper and a lot of things are getting unveiled, and the major player in this scam is Sreesanth.

During the early days there was an alleged affair between Sreesanth and the actress as they were quite often seen together.

To clarify things, Lakshmi Rai has pleaded to the media not to involve her in this chaos, as it’s been years since she has been touch with the bowler.


The actress is currently seeing a businessman for some time and set to wedlock sometime next year.

She also denied the fact that she had any affair with the captain MS Dhoni as well and made herself clear with the media to leave her out of this scam.

Every day a new mystery is being unearthed with IPL 6 getting a beating amongst media and its followers.