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Jiah Khan’s sister Karishma calls her an angel, blames Sooraj Pancholi for suicide


JUNE 8- Jiah Khan’s younger sister Karishma is furious at reports that Jiah was alcoholic, drugged and had earlier attempted suicide earlier too. The family sees these as allegations being circulated by Aditya Pancholi’s son Sooraj to portray Jiah Khan as a depressed, temperamental girl prone on a path of self destruction.

Speaking to India Today on the phone, with Jiah’s devastated mother Rabiyah in the background saying “Tell them, she was an angel… She didn’t deserve this”, Karishma clarified that the Bollywood actress had not attempted suicide earlier. She has also not seen any doctor for a slit wrist. Karishma said the autopsy report would clear her sister’s name.

“We don’t want her to be remembered in this way. Anyone who knew her knew she was a happy person. The people who claimed she was temperamental knew her when she was 16 or worked with her briefly years ago.”


Sooraj, they claim, was not allowed in to the funeral and came anyway in order to have himself photographed in the parking lot.

“If he cared so much why hasn’t he sent even one flower or sent a condolence or helped with any of the arrangements?” Rabiyah asked from the background.
Karishma explained that they have all the text messages and after the last conversation with Sooraj, there were eight missed calls from him.

“He was always verbally abusive towards her and he must have known that he had said something really bad, which is why he called her so many times, but it was too late,” said Karishma.

Calling Jiah a hopeless romantic, the quality being her greatest weakness, the family said Sooraj in the early days wooed her with ten deliveries of flowers every day. Jiah was so close to her sisters, said Karishma, that she would have surely reached out if she had been battling depression.

“We knew everything that happened in each other’s lives. I skyped her the previous evening and she was perfectly fine,” said Karishma. Once Sooraj had her, her family said, the flowers stopped coming and verbal abuse began. Which is why the lack of even one flower on her death from him, is a poignant reminder of fake motives, they said.

It was a spur of the moment decision, Karishma said. “I won’t let them remember Aapa (older sister), this way,” she said.