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MCA chief slams his veep



Petaling Jaya, June 14 -MCA president Chua Soi Lek fired a salvo against vice-president, Donald Lim for criticising him on the party’s decision not to accept any cabinet posts.

In a statement today, Chua reminded Lim that the decision was a collective “resolution passed in 2011″ by the party’s top leadership in the event it did not perform well in the 13th general election.


“The party central committee passed the resolution in June 2011. Likewise, the party central delegates also voted in favour of the resolution in the same year and in 2012 during the Annual General Meeting (AGM)

“Perhaps Lim has forgotten that he had taken part in passing the resolution to reject all government posts,” he said.

Yesterday, The Edge reported Lim saying that Chua must have the courage to admit that the latter was wrong in his ‘no cabinet post” decision and called for an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) to review the decision.

When pointed out that it was a collective decision, Lim said: “Of course the central committee had to obey him at that time, because he has the final say on MCA candidates. Nobody dares to object.”

Lim added that it was vital for MCA to take up cabinet posts, saying the Chinese community may lose out as issues affecting them may not be addressed by the government.

Training his guns on Lim, Chua said he would not hesitate to publish the minutes of the party central leadership meetings, to refresh the former’s memory of the collective decision made.

“Lim should first ask himself on what he had contributed to the nation, especially Selangor, as  he only sought to spend his resources and time at one particular constituency,” he claimed.

Chua then challenged Lim to call for an EGM if he felt the former had made a wrong decision.

“I would like to also propose that Lim and I  have a closed-door debate on the decision not to accept government posts if he is so interested in this topic,” said the former health minister.

Lim was defeated by PKR’s William Leong in the general election for the Selayang parliamentary seat while Chua chose not to run in the polls.