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Chua may defend his post


PETALING JAYA, JUNE 18- There is a possibility that MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek may change his mind and defend his post in the next party polls, said a MCA insider.

“In politics, anything is possible. If the grassroots want Chua to remain, he may just do that,” he told FMT.

On May 6, Chua announced that he would not be defending his presidency in the party polls scheduled to be held end of the year.


The decision was triggered after MCA performed poorly in the general election.

Chua Soi LekIn addition, Chua also upheld the party’s resolution in not accepting any government posts due to the dismal performance, which caused friction among party leaders.

Describing Chua as a tactical genius, the party insider said that the former health minister had always been effective in usurping his rivals “at the last minute”.

“Look at Chua’s track record. Despite being marred with a sex scandal, he managed to become MCA deputy president in 2008 after resigning from all posts.

“And in the 2009 party polls, he managed to dislodge then party president Ong Tee Keat and former party president Ong Ka Ting to become MCA president. Don’t underestimate him,” said the source.

The party insider added that those opposed to Chua must remain on high alert as the vocal party leader had been very quiet in recent times.

“It means Chua has something up his sleeve,” said the source.

Asked on who is likely to succeed Chua if he does quit the presidential race, the party insider said that it would be MCA deputy president Liow Tiong Lai.

However, the source said that there is another candidate that may vie for the presidency, MCA committee member Ong Ka Chuan, who is also the brother of former party president Ka Ting.

But the party source was not favourable of both candidates, saying the political climate in Malaysia had changed after the general election.

“In a stable political climate, the grassroots would like to have people like Liow and Ong to lead as we need the calm traits they possess.

“But in this volatile political scenario, we need someone vocal and tough like Chua to face a strong Pakatan Rakyat and bring stability to MCA,” said the insider.
Prior to this, MCA vice-president Donald Lim, who is said to be aligned to Liow, he failed to get one third support from party delegates to call for an extraordinary general meeting, to reverse the resolution that bars party MPs from taking government posts.

Out of frustration, Lim lashed out at Chua, calling on the latter to push for the EGM instead, a move which drew criticism from the president and his supporters.

“How are you planning to lead the party if you can’t even get the support from the minimum number of grassroots leaders?” asked one supporter.