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BN Candidate Uses Facebook As A Medium To Get Closer To Voters

KUALA BESUT, July 23- The social medium, Facebook, has been included by the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Tengku Zaihan Che Ku Abd Rahman as a tool to approach the voters and listen to the woes of the Kuala Besut electorate in the by-election on Wednesday.

Tengku Zaihan or Abe Ku, as he is fondly known to the locals, said besides meeting the people at public areas and house-to-house visits, he also used the Facebook to communicate with the voters.
“I spend about two hours daily (on Facebook), usually before going to bed,” the 37-year-old politician told Bernama.

kuala-besutHe also took note of the comments and ideas posted by various visitors to his website to help in his campaign and described them as a useful platform to boost his political career.

“Any voter can include me in his or her Facebook via my e-mail, Tgzaihan_76@yahoo.com, and can be my acquaintance to know more about me personally and my campaign,” he said.


The by-election for the Kuala Besut state seat on July 24 will see a straight fight between Tengku Zaihan, 37, an engineer and a local-born, and PAS candidate Endot@Azlan Jusoh, 48, a businessman.

Kuala Besut has 17,683 voters and the by-election is being held following the death of the incumbent assemblyman, Dr A Rahman Mokhtar on June 26 due to lung cancer.