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PAS Supporters Stop Convoy Of EC Deputy Chairman And Advisors


KUALA BESUT, July 24 – A convoy of five cars transporting Election Commission (EC) deputy chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar and EC advisors was mobbed by 100 PAS supporters, here, Wednesday.

The PAS supporters who gathered in front of the gate of Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampung Baharu carrying posters and party flags, surrounded the cars assuming they were outsiders trying to interfere in the polling, as the cars did not have the EC’s logo.

kuala besutAsked to comment on the incident, Wan Ahmad said they did not use the commission’s cars for the trip and depended on vehicles provided by the state government.


However, he said, they were forced to use the Besut District Council’s vehicles to ferry the EC advisors as the state government did not have enough cars available.

“The cars used did not have the EC logo because these are not the official vehicles of the EC while the passengers could not be seen from outside because the glasses were tinted.

“They (PAS supporters) also did not believe the police who tried to clarify that the cars were transporting the EC advisors and myself and continued to surround the cars.

“But I was lucky because several of the party (PAS) leaders recognised me and were aware that I was in one of the cars and calmed down their supporters,” said Wan Ahmad, who regretted the incident.

Meanwhile, Umno Information chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan, who was there to meet his party supporters, said the incident should not have happened.

He said the EC deputy chairman had the right to enter any polling centre and regarded the incident as tarnishing the polling process held in the holy month of Ramadan.

“I think the commotion was created by (PAS’) outside supporters because the residents of Kuala Besut still have respect for leaders or visitors,” he said.

The Kuala Besut state seat by-election was held following the death of its incumbent Dr A. Rahman Mokhtar on June 26 from lung cancer.

The by-election involved Barisan Nasional candidate Tengku Zaihan Che Ku Abd Rahman and PAS candidate Endot@Azlan Yusof.