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Adolf Hitler took cocaine to make himself Nazi superman


AUG 26- Adolf Hitler took a cocktail of medication in bid to show his followers he was the perfect specimen of physical and mental health, according to a new documentary.

A picture dated 1939 shows German Nazi CHe was said to be a hypochondriac, manic depressive with Parkinson’s, had allegedly deformed genitals and an almost non-existent sex drive.
US finds long-lost diary of top Nazi leader, Hitler aide

The 5ft 8ins Fuhrer knew he was fighting a losing battle with his own mind, body and libido, the Mirror reported.


So Hitler turned to drugs like cocaine and amphetamines to make him a Nazi superman, developing a habit that may have changed the course of history.

A fascinating TV documentary screened next week reveals the full, shocking story of Hitler’s drug abuse, based on recently-discovered records and letters from his physician Dr Theodore Morell – dubbed the “Reichsmaster of injections” by Nazis.

Morell administered a cocktail of more than 80 different drugs, tonics and quack treatments from morphine and barbiturates, vitamins and probiotics to bull semen, rat poison and even oil used to clean guns.